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Discover nua

Discover nua


Meters above the ground,
under a canopy of green.
A secret treasure lies within,
The fruit it holds, soft and sweet, From a seed so small,
Growing until it falls.

Our Muse

The date, a muse that symbolizes the resilience, yet gentleness of civilizations across history
and into the future. To the modern world, it’s a fruit. To us, it’s nothing short of a muse. The
founding seed of our nation. The pride of our lag. The sage of Arabia, raising our houses of
worship, and thus, our timeless civilization rose.

Nua serves as a bridge, seamlessly connecting and uniting dualities. We honor our past while uniting our present, embodying tradition and innovation. And, like our dates we blend the best of the healthy and the indulgent, the earthly and the spiritual, and the personal and the gifting to uplift and enrich.

Fuelling our days, blessing every Ramadan, and embracing a story we tell generation after generation. Dates are the very origin of our narrative, weaved throughout our history for time immemorial, representing us and the duality of legacy and momentum.

Savoring Moments


We believe it is important to take initiatives to care for yourself, giving you the strength to care for others as well.


We believe in developing a brand and products that unite our partners, farmers, and audiences.

Heritage Driven

Our past indicates the most solid foundation for our future. Bringing our heritage into the modern context.